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The JYD Project is a youth development organization for kids ages 5 - 18 that empowers young people to realize their full potential and partners with other charities that support and serve youth.  The JYD Project assists students in becoming positive and productive adults through fun and engaging educational-based programs.


Nikkollette Williams

Nikkollette  Williams  loves children.  She grew up in Detroit,  Michigan where  she learned the importance of children programs throughout the state. Nikkollette  was a ward of the state as a child and was in and out of various

  group homes that the state provided.  After graduating  high school she began to see how various  programs  that she was involved  in helped her growth as a young adult. She soon became  a silent advocate  for children  working  with various Church groups to improve the lives of kids throughout the country. She is currently  finishing  up her Criminal  Justice  degree at University  of Nevada  Las Vegas.

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