Our Mission

The JYD Project is a youth development organization for kids ages 5 - 18 that empowers young people to realize their full potential and partners with other charities that support and serve youth.  The JYD Project assists students in becoming positive and productive adults through fun and engaging educational-based programs.


Other Donations

Other Donations:

1)         In-Kind

The JYD Project is always grateful for any items or in-kind donations that can be used to assist us accomplish our mission of helping children. Please contact us for more details.

2)         Volunteers

Your time is very valuable and so we truly value any time you are willing to donate to the Project. Because of our dedicated Volunteers we are able to continue to serve thousands of kids each year.   If you have some free time and want to service a great cause, please call us.



Kelani Blackwell


"When I met the Williams family they told me about the JYD Project and all the things the organization does in the community. Mrs. Williams told me that they would be holding a Sport and Fitness camp over the summer and how excited they all were to be providing an outlet for kids. Being new to Las Vegas, relationships were something that I did not have and I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to meet some folks and be able to share my love of basketball with children the way it was shared with me. Without hesitation I told Mrs. Williams that i wanted to volunteer and coach! However, I did not know that at the moment I became a part of something so incredible and so overwhelming. Summer 2013 is a time I will never forget. I didn't just volunteer, I was able to put my skills, talents and creativity to use. I became a part of this family that included the William's, the kids, and the parents. I was giving my time, to what seemed to be, to selflessly help others but i learned more about myself. The amount of love and support that circulated in the gym was unmatched. The excitement in every child's eyes that walked through the door every morning was priceless. The fact that I had a hand in creating moments that impressionable children will never forget was beyond rewarding. In my adult life I have never been a part of something like this. I can't wait to blow my whistle again and hear the chants of all the JYD kids this summer. Thank you!



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