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The JYD Project is a youth development organization for kids ages 5 - 18 that empowers young people to realize their full potential and partners with other charities that support and serve youth.  The JYD Project assists students in becoming positive and productive adults through fun and engaging educational-based programs.


Monica Jackson, Fox News Anchor

It is my pleasure to recognize and support the JYD Project and its efforts to support the youth in the Las Vegas community. Established in 2009 by retired NBA superstar Jerome Williams, The JYD Project has awarded several scholarships over the years, established a youth summer basketball camp that mentors, educates, promotes fitness and builds confidence for both young men and women to be successful in life.

For those of us that are fortunate enough to achieve a moderate level of success, it is a necessity that we do our very best to stimulate positive growth of at least one child in our community. The JYD Project is doing just that, helping hundreds of young men and women to be productive in society.

As a member of the JYD Project Board of Directors, I am proud to be associated with an organization that has chosen to see the best in humanity and has dedicated itself to helping the youth in our community, as evidenced in their goals and achievements.

I applaud your efforts and commitment, to assist students in becoming positive and productive adults through your educational programs, and I look forward to the great things that will result in your hard work.

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